Pulse Lab’s debut album out now

Lab Notes, the debut album from Pulse Lab is available now.

Pulse Lab was born out of love of UK and Scandinavian electronic/pop music and a desire to connect with lots of people who share similar life views and personal struggles.

Originally from Kazakhstan, with a multinational background and having been based in Finland for over a decade now, lead singer and songwriter Dasha Larks considers herself more as a world citizen believing that people are what makes a place home. 

Through her music she reflects on her own experience and observations of how society treats people who don’t really fit the mould – society’s outsiders. One of the most important elements in her songwriting is hope, no matter how dark the main lyrical theme might sound.

To achieve her vision for this album she has drafted in a series of critively like-minded producers including Xentinel, Kevin O’Rahilly (Chain Complex), Sean Albiez (Ghost Elektron, Nostalgia Deathstar), Daniel Kiff (Kiffie) and Timo Jalkanen (Montage Collective)

Pulse Lab’s contributions to Generation Blitz 1 & 2 compilations helped her find a global fandom, with people drawn to her dramatic songs that explore pop’s darker side. Since then Dasha has released a crop of singles and has collaborated with emerging artists from the synth scene, including Wavewulf (US), Montage Collective (Australia), Maxx Silver (UK) and Projekt Ich (Germany).

Imagine Nico duetting with Claudia Brucken on songs co-written with ABBA and you’d come close to Pulse Lab’s heartbreaking power.