Nostalgia Deathstar

Charged Attachment (SoB 003)

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Nostalgia Deathstar are Martin James (Mothloop) and Sean Albiez (ghost elektron). In January 2020 post-punk electronic synth-noire duo took on the challenge to write, record and release a track a month for the entire year. By the end of that month they’d put out their first song, ‘Europa Dystopia’, an anti-Brexit hymn complete with powerhouse synths, pounding sequencers, grandiose strings, majestic choirs and lyrics that subverted both Williams Blake and Shakespeare  into an anti-nationalism declaration. Described as ‘fabulously cold and brutalizing’ and ‘like Moroder meets The Mission’ it was immediately embraced by the global electronic post-punk underground.

The months that followed gained huge support from radio stations throughout the world hitting the number 1 spot in Radio TFSC’s daily chart in October with art rock synth pop song ‘Bauhaus Mystery’. The band’s electronic ode to Leonard Cohen and Ennio Morricone ‘HolyMoses!’ was awarded the ‘best listen ever’ by Radio Coolio in November while a month later ‘December Won’t be Magic Again’ was met with the same accolade.  Nostalgia Deathstar’s ‘Mind Bombing’ was also placed in the Synth Pop Fanatic top 100 tunes of 2020 describing it as ‘fresh sounds that honor the past…(with) a chaotic tempo and some spoken-word elements.

Charged Attachment (SoB 006)

Charged Attachment collects together 10 of the 12 tracks recorded over the year along with a brand new song. Expect epic synths for a brutal age.

A few months following Charged Attachment Nostalgia Deathstar dropped companion remix album ReCharged Attachment that included the first year of singles reworked, remixed and reconstructed through a range of genre shapes and sounds by amazing producers including:  Montage Collective, BlakLight, Rude_NHS, nON sTOP eROTIC cABARET, Lord & Master, The Rude Awakening, Neorev, Matt Aquila, melodywhore, Thermonuclearity, ghost elektron, Mothloop and Pulses…